Project 26


To actively engage high school students with STEM/STEAM concepts via a unique hands-on, integrated and inquiry-based instructional methodology centered, in part, on the production of STEM-focused videos. This experience will allow them to see what they can be in the future.


To help students prepare for future careers of interest by introducing them to and engaging them in practical experiences in which STEM/STEAM is incorporated in daily tasks while simultaneously sharpening their 21st-century skill-sets.

We have partnered with the young men at Frederick Douglas Academy to embark on a ten-month journey to where we bring in local companies in the STEM sector. After interacting with these companies the students are then tasked with making a short film teaching what they have learned. Every aspect of the video is controlled by the students. They write the content, record, edit, act & direct their own videos.

TD video

Project 26 video recapping session with TD Bank